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My thoughts on Korra from episodes 3-6

Here-in be my thoughts on the rest of the episodes of the Legend of Korra. Needless to say spoilers abound. There will probably be more commentary on episodes 4-6 since I remember more from them

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More Korra musings (spoilers)

OH.. Bryke.. or Nickolodean .. Just..

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LJ re-activation + Korra musings

I've decided to use my LJ again and give my thoughts  on the Legend of Korra episodes that have been leaked/released…(Heaven knows when/if they'll ever release it in Oz, but I digress)

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My barbaric girlfriend chapter 52

After a long wait, someone on the internet has finally released the latest chapter.. just makes me wish I could read Chinese, haha


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My barbaric girlfriend

I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I might as well post about a manga that I'm still following

My Barbaric girlfriend/ Your and my secret, by Ai Morinaga is a gender bender series which has around 49 chapters scanlated. I don't think this manga is too mainstream, which is probably why the scans take a while to come out

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Ouran 81 - one down, three to go?

I haven't actually read the latest chapter *has no interest in doing so* But, on another related note, it looks as though Ouran is finally finishing!

Hopefully in three more chapters, I think (last one is in September)

My thoughts in general mirror that of what I have found in a forum..no real spoilers ahead, here

This series has been dragged out too long in IMO. I know Ouran is still under 20 volumes and that really isn't epic compared to what else is out there but this series went down hill the moment Hatori decided she wanted to write more about the confusing Haruhi/Tamaki romance rather than the usual Ouran comedy. It's not that I didn't want romance from this series or that I don't support the Haruhi/Tamaki combination- but the angst, love triangles, and Haruhi's constant and uncharacteristic blushing is frankly, rather annoying.

This "downward" trend contradicts the purpose and meaning behind Ouran's borderline cult popularity- the parody of shoujo parodies--for the characters to descend into Korean drama worthy turmoil and familial disputes makes me feel disappointed and rather shortchanged--what could have been a snarky and highly entertaining match-up is now making me wish the series ended up with the anime- as ambiguous as can be.

It does bring to mind one question I have - Was Ouran ever really a parody? I'm starting to think not

Ouran 79

Yes, I'm still following what is happening with this manga. Chances are it'll probably end soon anyways, so WTH.

I suppose my greatest motivator for still caring is Hikaru, though after everything that has happened that can get very difficult.

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It looks as though they are changing the title for the upcoming movie

I really wish they weren't

There are suspicions that this is to make the movie appealing to boys. I myself believe that that is part of the reason, and I don't think that this is the best course of action.

I know alot of people have issues with Disney, fairytales and Princesses (I plan to write a little on that myself, when I get the time).. but long story short, I personally would love Disney to do more folktales, if only because that's one way of making them recognizable (minus the Disnification, particularly in the recent films, I know that sounds contradictory, but bear with me)

I wish Glen Keane was still the director

It’s a story of the need for each person to become who they are supposed to be and for a parent to set them free so they can become that. It will be a musical and a comedy and have a lot of heart and sincerity. I think that’s what Disney needs to do right now. No one else can do it. We should not be embarrassed or make excuses for doing a fairy tale

Ouran Chapter 75

To be honest? I haven't actually read this chapter.. but if I did.. my opinion would probably be the same as the person who wrote this, or at the very least very similar



Been a while since I've posted here with a review. This is probably going to be very short, but whatever

Name: Cinderella Fella
Author(s) Kim Hee Kyoung


Shin Gyu Yun is the heir of the Shin Oong Group and the self-proclaimed prince of Korea's economy. However, he has a secret. Since his father left them before Shin was born, he can't help but clean things due to his past of helping out his mother with the chores. It wasn't until that Shin's mother died in an accident that he came to know his scheming step-sisters by moving into his father's estate. The step-sisters conspire to make him lose his position... but could that have made him fall in love with a low-class girl?

Well, perhaps manwha is the more appropriate term used here, but anyways below are my thoughts

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As for Ouran, well, I have been brainstorming an idea where I wanted to have Tamaki have a martial arts battle with either Hikaru or Haruhi, but I can't decide which. So if you happen to have a preference just to get the ball rolling, or any particular martial arts style, I wouldn't mind getting a few ideas. Granted, school has kept me busy so I doubt I'll be able to do anything soon, but it's always good to have the idea at the back of your head